Residential Inspection, Repair and Design

Youngman Locke Engineers provide structural inspections of houses for real estate transactions, warranty claims, job relocations and concerned homeowners.  We evaluate foundation cracks, sagging floors, roofs and cracked gypsum.  Once the cause of the damage is identified, the correct repair can be determined and presented in a report with repair sketches and material specifications.

Youngman Locke Engineers also provide structural design services for new houses, additions and remodels to owners, builders, designers and architects.  Typical services include design of roof and floor framing, shearwalls, basement foundation walls, footings and special framing to achieve the unique look of a custom home design.  We work closely with the designer to provide the services they need whether it is providing an engineer stamped set of calculations with sketches and marked-up plans or a complete computer-drafted set of structural plans.



Custom  Home,
Salem, Oregon


 Foundation Inspection & Repair,
 Salem, Oregon