Condition Survey, Seismic Survey, Repair and Retrofit

Youngman Locke Engineers perform condition surveys of buildings and structures for owners, potential owners and facilities managers.  We can identify and evaluate deteriorated, overloaded or potentially unsafe conditions and provide recommendations for repairs. 

Our staff has surveyed:



Industrial Buildings


 Precast Concrete Roofs


Office Buildings


 Roof Structure Components


Cracked Walls



 Deteriorated Brick Walls

  School Bleachers    Sagging Floors and Roofs

  Grandstands    School Facilities

Youngman Locke Engineers
perform seismic surveys, analysis and retrofit designs to evaluate and strengthen a building to better resist the loads imposed by earthquakes. Conscientious building owners who desire to protect their investment as well as the occupants and contents of their buildings are becoming more and more aware of the need to voluntarily strengthen buildings they own.  A building's ability to "ride out" an earthquake without causing injury or fatalities to occupants can be greatly improved by strengthening even just the major structural connections and components.  Youngman Engineering staff can assist in all phases of this process.